Mission Statement

The Green Poppy Foundation was set up in response to the demand by creative and entrepreneurial organisations or individuals to both develop and display their products, artwork or services to a wider audience than they would be able to do so as single or individual entities. Often struggling themselves yet holding amazing potential in what they possess. The remit of the organisation is primarily of “help and assistance” and has a two-fold mission. To assist the betterment and development of those in all artistic areas and to represent a medium for supporting a number of charities fulfil their own missions. As the name suggests the Green Poppy Foundation is dedicated to all that is “green” and naturally based in relation to strategies, products, services, resources and the wellbeing of the planet. The Green Poppy Foundation is not judgmental nor holds barriers as to credentials other than the base premise which is that of trust, truth harmony and of course love, which is the prime factor of man-kind. Without love we are but robots. Having said that everyone must demonstrate their abilities of skill and purpose. The emphasis on all of this is to create employment, support health, education and possibilities for many who see little hope or future in their current lives.To fund all of this, commercial aspects, collaborative structures and sponsorship will be entered into with organisations that have an affinity and philanthropic understanding of the importance of tomorrow’s future and their part to play. The Green Poppy Foundation is a “not for profit”
organisation whereby funds will be re-invested to assist its own growth.

Founded by Farah A. Khan © 2011